Wednesday, July 9, 2008

While Watching Duncan



Curt Rogers said...

Oh dear lord, you have astounded me! I am beyond words! Thank you for the most incredibly wonderful thing ever!

Now I need to get a video of Duncan watching you guys watch him!

You've made my evening so absolutely perfect! I can't thank you enough for the grin you've put on my face and the laugh that erupted from my belly!

Greg said...

Now there's a pup with good taste, right from the get go!!

Lori said...

What better pastime than watching Duncan??? But it's pretty cool watching Joey watching Duncan!!! (Thanks for the link to Fermented Fur, too, by the way!)

caboval said...

Ha ha! I was hoping to see if Duncan quirked his head when he heard my voice! I swear Joey is a crack up! He watches videos!! Curt did you show Duncan the video?

caboval said...

And Lori, I love Fermented fur!

Curt Rogers said...

My desk is up high so Duncan didn't get to watch the video, but he was laying at my feet when I played it and he jerked up, put his head in my lap and his ears did little leaps every time you said his name. I'll have to see if I can set my computer down low so he can watch!

Oh, the doors you've opened!

Thanks, again!