Thursday, July 31, 2008

Holding your breath under water

Yes, I am serious. I swear we could put scuba gear on our dogs and they would swim under water! Here is Kona by the jet of water and then we have our Jill under water. And its not a one time event they do this all day. It cracks me up! Oh and we are on the puppy countdown. 1 more week before Kealani comes home! I am trying to get back out there to get more pictures of her! I will keep you posted!


Outer Elements said...

Isn't that wild how they do that?? You think they haven't been taught how to hold their breath, but they figure it out and it's so cool! We've weighted Bud's favorite toys down and the furthest he's gone to get them was about 3-4' underwater. I'm sure he can go deeper, but we haven't been in a pool in at least a year :(.

Sue said...

Great pictures! My, what a cute pack you have!