Sunday, July 27, 2008

Our Secret Garden

Well it should be called Our Secret Grove really. On our morning walks we ususally just walk down this old street that comes to a dead end. But today we discovered some new and beautiful secrets hidden behind the eucaliptus trees that opened up to a beautiful grove and creek. It had willow trees and families of ducks and we even saw a white egret! Joey bounded on the green grass and he reminded me of a wild mustang the way he shakes his head while he is froliking. It was unreal. Wow! What a great start to our day!


Sue said...

We want to come here with Joey! ~ J, J & K

Anonymous said...

Rina and Ricochet say "What a great find, Joey"... and Ric says she wants to roll in the grass with her boyfriend. When's the next trip?!!