Friday, February 14, 2014

2nd round of chemo

Joey had his second visit today and we saw a different oncologist. She examined Joey and says he is in "remission". So the first dose of chemo worked. But if I do nothing it will be back in 2 months. She suggested the pill form which is Lomustine and we get it every 3 weeks. For 5 doses. That should extend his life for a year or so. But Im so confused and overwhelmed. His remission doesn't mean he is cured and the cancer is lingering in his body just waiting... for a chance to pop up again? Im grateful we don't have to go every week. Now his blood test today showed elevated liver enzymes and this chemo pill will mess up his liver so I have to also give him denamarin everyday. Joey seems to be happy still looking for lizards so I know he isnt in pain or anything. I just pray that he improves everyday. Ill let you know next week how the next visit goes!!


Sam said...

We are thinking of you. Give Joey hugs - GOLDEN vibes are being sent to both of you.

Monty and Harlow

Dennis the Vizsla said...

hello joey its dennis the vizsla dog hay i am sorry yoo ar going thru this ruff time but yore mama wil tayk gud kare of yoo and yoo ar in gud hands at cvs they helpd my brother tucker for as long as ennywun posibly cud hav!!! gud luk my old frend we ar sending tail wags yore way!!! ok bye