Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Testing my Patience

Awe, puppies are so cute and so cuddly. They are such sweet little things and make ya all warm and fuzzy inside.....And then there is this! She chewed the dang wall! What the heck??? Oh and lets not forget she pees at will. On the carpet. Right in front of me! After taking her out every 2 hours, praising her outside when she goes. Trying to crate train her while I try to have some "me" time. Seriously Im close to a melt down. Oh the joys of puppyhood.


K and S said...

Oh no!!!! I'd like to say "This too shall pass", and it will. Testing the patience of mommy is part of a puppy's job.

We nominated you for a blog award. Check our site and you can see it!!!

Sue said...

I really feel for you Val! I hope you had a good night sleep!

Hang in there, it will get better!

Yore Kin said...
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Curt Rogers said...

And THERE it is, the reason Ken and I have decided to hold off on a puppy. As cute as they are, they're a ton of work. I'd never raised a puppy until we got Duncan. Ken was working out of town four or five days a week so it was just the cats and me trying to reign in that cute, adorable ball of sheer evil. I well understand the joys AND the challenges. Know that it will not last forever and sooner or later you'll actually kind of miss the occasional calamity.

I'm rooting for you, Val. God, look at that face, how I could I not?!

caboval said...

Oh thats right Curt! And she is eating the stucco on the outside! Its really a challenge and Im on the edge!