Friday, September 26, 2008

Kealani Loves Jumping!

Ok this is Kealani's debut jump! She jumped from the edge of the pool. She is only 3 months old! Joey did this I think he was 5 months old! So I do believe I have 2 Splash Dogs on my hands! Kealani is swimming with the "big pack" now! Oh on a side note...notice Jack in the background...he splashes water with his arms so he can drink it! It just cracks me up! Watch!


K and S said...

Wow! Compare that video to the first one you posted with her in the pool. She has really grown! Maybe it's all that drywall she is eating! Just adorable!!!

caboval said...

Oh thats so funny. Yep she is eating drywall with a side of stucco! And coffee table for dessert!

Sue said...

Hubby is very jealous that you now have 2 Splash Dogs! I wish ours would do that!

Yore Kin said...

That dog in the background is freaking funny. Your puppy had no reservations at all in getting in that pool, huh? Cool.

cw said...

Houston we have lift off. Nice jump. Blondie's poem is online for good now.
blondie's poem

I may not be fast and my email may not get through but this page is staying up!

I think people will like kk better when she gets over her introversion :)