Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Charlie The Hummingbird

Joey has adopted a hummingbird we call Charlie. Joey insists in being with me when I make the formula for Charlie and he sits and waits pateintly for Charlie to arrive and stares in wonder. He doesnt try and go for him or anything but he likes Charlie. He can also tell the sounds Charlie makes in the trees when he gets ready to come to the feeder. Its so heartwarming.
Well I had a consultation with a holistic vet yesterday, Dr Wright who is in Tacoma Washington.
He suggested to give Joey Canine Immune System Support, Agaricus Bio, and Arteisinin. He is sending me a plan along with a meal suggestion for Joey. I feel so much better talking to him because he really listened and he had some suggestions. Unlike the Oncologist who seems to be money oriented. So Im going to do the Chemotherapy along with  supplements and see if we can keep Joeys cancer at bay. As of today I can still not feel his lymph nodes which is a good thing. I just pray so hard that this works.
As you can see though Joey has no clue and is still enjoying his daily routine of lizard patrol and Charlie


Marion said...

So happy you're feeling better because now Joey will be more relaxed. It's a good idea to talk to a holistic person because they can offer you other things you may not have thought about. Unfortunately, you have to keep up with the chemo though. All paws and fingers crossed for Joey and of course, always prayers.

How Sam Sees It said...

Yay - some positive news! We are keeping paws crossed here.

Our pups love birds too, but they are hoping they get a little too close... ;)

Monty and Harlow

Nuvet said...

I have seen dogs and monkeys playing together, dogs and cats playing together and even dogs and birds.
It all depends on the kind of atmosphere we provide to these pets.
They are better than us.