Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Charlie The Hummingbird

Joey has adopted a hummingbird we call Charlie. Joey insists in being with me when I make the formula for Charlie and he sits and waits pateintly for Charlie to arrive and stares in wonder. He doesnt try and go for him or anything but he likes Charlie. He can also tell the sounds Charlie makes in the trees when he gets ready to come to the feeder. Its so heartwarming.
Well I had a consultation with a holistic vet yesterday, Dr Wright who is in Tacoma Washington.
He suggested to give Joey Canine Immune System Support, Agaricus Bio, and Arteisinin. He is sending me a plan along with a meal suggestion for Joey. I feel so much better talking to him because he really listened and he had some suggestions. Unlike the Oncologist who seems to be money oriented. So Im going to do the Chemotherapy along with  supplements and see if we can keep Joeys cancer at bay. As of today I can still not feel his lymph nodes which is a good thing. I just pray so hard that this works.
As you can see though Joey has no clue and is still enjoying his daily routine of lizard patrol and Charlie

Sunday, February 16, 2014

The love of my life

Joey is my first real Golden thats totally mine. I mean I had one growing up but that was familys. Joey is something special. he has a gentle soul and he somehow understands me. He is my little helper around the house and I would consider him my "therapy" dog. he doesnt bark unless he sees someone and he minds my suggestions very well. You couldnt ask for a better dog.
This cancer has come as a complete surprise as Joey is only 6 years old. How can this be? Now my life is everything for Joey...everything. I only hope that I can take care of him through this journey as well as he has taken care of me for the past 6 years. Am I worthy? Will it be enough? Joey is my everything and I can only pray Im doing all that is possible to help Joey make it through these chemo treatments which is an awful flashback to when my mom passed of cancer. My heart is completley broken. Thats not even the word. The word is shattered.
I love you Joey with every ounce of my being. I pray to God for his guidance to help me through this.

Friday, February 14, 2014

2nd round of chemo

Joey had his second visit today and we saw a different oncologist. She examined Joey and says he is in "remission". So the first dose of chemo worked. But if I do nothing it will be back in 2 months. She suggested the pill form which is Lomustine and we get it every 3 weeks. For 5 doses. That should extend his life for a year or so. But Im so confused and overwhelmed. His remission doesn't mean he is cured and the cancer is lingering in his body just waiting... for a chance to pop up again? Im grateful we don't have to go every week. Now his blood test today showed elevated liver enzymes and this chemo pill will mess up his liver so I have to also give him denamarin everyday. Joey seems to be happy still looking for lizards so I know he isnt in pain or anything. I just pray that he improves everyday. Ill let you know next week how the next visit goes!!

Friday, February 7, 2014

Second guessing everything

Joey just seems like a healthy dog and I feel like the chemo is making him even sicker than normal. I called the vets last night because Joey wouldnt eat and I spoke to a Dr. who said that it was normal but that if I was concerned that I could come in anytime. Sheesh, I just needed some advice and here they were encouraging me to spend money by bringing Joey in. Sigh Im freaking out about the 7000.00 price tag for this treatment. Am I doing the right thing?

Thursday, February 6, 2014

Tough day

Its a tough day, Joey wont eat, he is lethargic, and his eyes are droopy and red. My heart is breaking and Im overwhelmed.
Am I doing the right thing by Joey? Is chemo the way to go? Is this all really happening????? The journey has only begun and Im so scared.
Thanks for listening.


Wow this is really a challenge! And its only the first week.
Joey doesnt want to eat. Not chicken, peanut butter, cheese, nothin. This is not good. Im questioning everything now. Am I doing the right thing? Can this be really true?? What can I do to help Joey???
It constantly runs through my mind and Im going crazy!!!
I am willing Joey to get better. If I could take his cancer for my own I would!! It is crazy what I would do for my dogs.
Well nothing else to report as of yet. I just had to vent.
Hug your pet <3 p="">

Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Its going to be a great day!!!

Even though I got edged out of bed early this morning, I still woke up with Joey in my arms. Wow what a great way to start my day. His fur is so soft under his neck and his lashes are so long on my cheek. He lets my hug him forever and he loves it. Kealani likes it too!!!
So yesterday was uneventful, Joey threw up just once and asked for food at night. he ate it and was very happy. Chemo so far hasnt really produced any side effects thankfully.
There will be lots of hugging today.
I hope you have a wonderful day and please give your pets a hug!!!

Tuesday, February 4, 2014

My baby has Lymphosarcoma

Joey was diagnosed yesterday with Lymphosacoma. There is no cure. I posted a little something on Facebook yesterday and I want to thank each one of you that provided us with your encouraging and loving words of support. I am so surprised and overwhelmed.
We went to the oncologist today and Joey got a chemotherapy treatment. The Dr spoke with us and gave us options, prednisone which attacks cancer cells but not effectivley. We are going with the CHOP method which is a combination of 5 different chemo drugs and is preferred for the first time treatment regimen. This proticol is the most effective but takes more time and cost. He goes once a week for 25 weeks. The average remission time is 1 1/2 years. With prednisone alone its about 1 1/2 months. The cost is 7800.00
Theres an issue with the Tcell count, if its bcell its better to have and if its Tcell its not. About 20% dogs have tcell and the chemo is virtually the same. That test is 380.00 and I opted to put that money towards Joeys treatment. If you would like to donate to help Joey I set up a give forward page where you can help by donaing a dollar to help Joey. Go to http://gfwd.at/1n8NU0h.
Thank you so much for everything and Ill post here for Joeys continued care and updates!!!