Monday, May 30, 2011

Dream Garden

How cool is this garden?

Dad, I remember you!

My dad was a Major in the United States Air Force. And I remember him on this Memorial Day and I miss him terribly.

Friday, May 27, 2011

What Ive been up to!

I had a friend visit from Roseville Ca, Caren. Seems Kealani fell in love with her and would follow her around everywhere!!!

We met up with Jill and went out to Skyhunters Ranch rehab facility and had a tour!!!!!!

And of course we saw Barn Owls!!!

I forgot which kind of owl this is but he was gorgeous

Silly Caren!

Beautiful Red tailed hawk! Did you know it takes actually a year befor a red tailed hawk gets his red tail feathers??? I didnt know that!

Owl Rug

A kestrel that was caught as a baby and hand raised and in bad shape when he came to the rehab center. He cant be released into the wild.

Inside Skyhunters Ranch

Beautiful drive up to Alpine on the way to Skyhunters

Oh I finally caught a picture of one of Lucys owlets!!!!

This plant had a plethora of owl pellets which we gathered, They were awesome and you could see what the owls eat!!! The bones and skulls are in the pellets!!! We have gone out to Dennis's he has a box up and the owls names are Lucy and Ricky.

Gathering pellets! Cool!!!

They had a burro named Bandit who was very cute

Hi cutie!!!

Caren feeding Bandit

Im so excited gathering owl pellets!!!! This is a skull!!!

Dennis has a tortoise named Patton! He was huge!!!! He likes corn on the cob!

New barn owl box!

Ricky and Lucys home, owlets have fledged!

Caren code name Sixtoes!

Me and Carlos, my favorite guy!

Caren and Carlos!

Jill and Sixtoes!!!

Me and Jill

Jills owl bow that Willow and Bear prefer!!! They have a choice of a bigger one but prefer this one!