Thursday, October 22, 2009

Wonderful World of Blogging

I started blogging when I first got Joey as a puppy. I wanted to have a "photo album" of sorts kind of like a documention of his wonderful life and what he does for me. What I never expected was to make as many friends as I have a long the way. Like Auntie Sue, she lives across the street and we have a great time together with our "pack". I have my favorite bloggers that I check in with but sometimes have to admit I dont comment on their blogs as much as I should, (sorry). One of my many favorites is Paco, Milo and Mayas blog! They live in Italy and Ive gotton to know them just by reading their blog and you really begin to know them as a kind of family. A Golden family of sorts! Anyway, they are coming here, to San Diego! From Italy! I cant believe it! They are staying with me and I couldnt be more excited! So you should be seeing some great blog entries in the next week hopefully! Ill take all of you along for our adventure! You can check out their blog at Oh and then Samantha is also coming too!!!! She is from the bay area! Can you believe it? Talk about some great people there! She will be staying with us too! Check out her blog at I hope to meet Konas parents, they are from LA. Hopefully meeting up with us for the Halloween Parade! Oh I wanted to mention so sorry we wont be able to meet Sierra Roses mommy, she couldnt make it. But Maybe next time!


Sierra Rose said...

A great post! We had some parkie time with Golden Samantha this afternoon. She is really really fun! And, so looks foward to playing with all of you! Sammie's mom is super excited too!!! She is packing and getting things ready to head your way soon! You will have a fantastic time! We are very sorry to miss it, and look forward to updates and photos!
As you know, we think the world of Sammie and her family, and we know you will have just the most super time with all!

Hugs and snaggle-tooth kisses,
Sierra Rose and her mom

Tucker, Daisy and Leo said...

We are so jealous, we love Paco, Milo and Maya and would love to meet their family. We can't wait to see your adventures while they visit you next week.

Tucker and Daisy

Khyra The Siberian Husky And Sometimes Her Mom said...

Oh yes!

We are furry furry jealous too!

BUT we'll get to feel like we are there along with woo!


MAX said...

Hey there guys
Yes, it's quite amazing what happens in bloggie-world! It's going to be an awesome experience for you all. We've done some hosting ourselves over the years and whilst it is good fun, you need to keep your energy up too. (Be gentle on yourself!)Looking forward to hearing about it all. We are friends of Paco, Milo, Maya & Simona too, so we are also jealous.

Dennis the Vizsla said...

Cool, visitors! The dogs will be in their glory!

Samantha said...

Hi Joey and Kealani! I just cannot wait to meet you both and am currently in the process of packing my junk ( I have more than anyhooman, obviously... young girls need lotsa stuff) and getting ready to come down to visit! So excited also to meet Paco, Milo and Maya's ma and pa and also Kona and his pawrents! This is going to be so cool! Gotta get back to packing, but see ya soon!
Hugs xo

SGR said...

Woof! You guys are very lucky to meet your fellow dog bloggers. Hit There, I'm Sugar. Just saying hello and making new friends. Looking forward to your visit to my blog. Lot of Golden Woofs, Sugar

Sam said...

You are so lucky! We hope you have lots of fun and post lots of pictures!