Friday, September 30, 2011

Busy Busy Busy!!!

Sorry I havent been around much lateley Ive been so busy!!!! Im now moderating over at PPO which is and Eagle Owl that has made her nest in a potted plant on a balcony!! She has 3 eggs and they are due to hatch around Oct 4th or 5th. Its getting exciting!!!
Also the Blue Angels are in town so of course they fly right over my house and shakes the house and scares the dogs but its still kind of cool to see the planes. While I was taking those pictures I caught a hawk with something in his mouth!!! Lunch!!!

This picture was taken this evening Pappa owl brought PPO mamma a treat!!! She left her pot to go and eat the treat probably on the roof where she does her "business". Watching her is just amazing!!! I hope you will join me there and chat with us!!! Leave me a comment if you would like the link!!! Stay well and hug the ones you love!!! Oh and Joey and Kealani are doing great!!! Love you all!!!


Ms. A said...

Enjoy those owls!


Wow! So you are sitting in the USA, moderating over the Potplant Owl in Johannesburg? What a global village we live in!
Glad you are enjoying our feathered friends so much:). I've not had much time to watch the PPO - due to MAXDOG's rollout - but love the fact that you are so involved.
Sending lotsaluv