Saturday, November 20, 2010

Kealanis Blanket

Do you HAVE to take my picture???
Wrapped like a baby

Of course Joey and his antics, he carries socks around. I dont understand it but he likes scrunchies and socks and as many as he can fit into his mouth at once. I cant help from laughing!!!

And we live in the land of sheets..I have nice stuff, furniture but Ill be darned if Im going to get hair and dirt on them. LOL

Its a rainy day today, nothing much to do but I did run over to Target. I wanted to get Kealani a blanket for the corner of the couch she likes to sit on and watch what goes on in the front of the house. So when I got home I opened the bag and said Kealanis Blanket!!!! Lookie!!! Smell smell. Kealanis blanky!! and then I threw it over the corner of the couch. I came to my computer room to do emails and watch one of my favorite Ustream channels. And its been about an hour and Kealani isnt back here with me so I went to the front of the house and guess where she was? On her blankie. She KNOWS its hers!!!!! Heres some pics I have to share wth you! I came back to the computer and she is still on her blankie!!!! Oh shes too much!!!!
With Thanksgiving approaching, You know what Im thankful for and Im so blessed to have my babies in my life. I had a scare with a mammogram test and it makes you think about life and the things you love. Everything is ok but whew! Im blessed to be alive!!!!
P.S. Hugs your dogs and loved ones today. You never know!!!


Sam said...

Very nice pictures! She looks so cuddly!

Thank goodness you are all right - those mammogram scares can be fearsome things!


The Thundering Herd said...

Very cuddly pictures. We did have to laugh though. We gave up covering furniture long ago.

Thor said...

Kealani looks so comfy with her new blanket!

Thank God everything is well with you!

Thor x

Curt Rogers said...

Val, I'm relieved to hear that you're healthy and safe. For you and those smart pups of yours. You do indeed have much to be thankful for this holiday. Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday because it doesn't require much of us, only that we acknowledge our blessings and the bounties of our lives. This year I am thankful for you!

Anonymous said...

Aww!! What sweet doggies. Simba has a blankie AND carrys socks around. Good grief! LOL I guess we put up with the same kind of dogs. hehe!