Saturday, May 23, 2009

Backyard Saturday Morning

Hangin out, having morning coffee, they just look so cute with the flowers. And of course, Kealani with her favorite ball.


Mason Dixie said...

Beautiful pictures with the flowers. =)

Pipa said...

Boootiful pictures, lovely.

They are so adorable!

What does Kealani mean?



Thor said...

You look so beautiful with those flowers!
Golden Sunday!


linda said...

Very cute! Why don't you send me some with YOU in them?

Allison (Dog Mom) said...

What beautiful pictures!

Gus and Waldo

Anonymous said...

Aw, what a wonderful place. The flowers are gorgeous!

See ya!
Joey and Zeke

Sue said...

The flowers look so pretty! They add such a great splash of color!

Ms. ~K said...

We enjoyed our visit here...we'll be back!
Hugs and Rubs,
Zack, Sassy and Buddy

caboval said...

HI Pipa! I am so glad you asked what doe Kealani mean? Its Hawaiian for "white heaven". And I had a dream that I would have her one day and thats what I would name her!! And...she is a dream come true!!! Hugs Valerie

Life With Dogs said...

My first visit - you have a beautiful dog!